19 May 2012

Glitches in this blog - moving HERE

come follow me there!

Turned upside down, shaken and sifted once again.

Life has been a bit crazy around here.  Lots going on that created several directional shifts.  The brain has been in over-drive mode, so nothing has been dumping into the blog.  That's about to change.  I have some crazy challenges going on (some self imposed and others directed by necessity) and I need a place to track things.  So, here's a quick recap of things already on-going and a glimpse into what's coming.

 Balancing Our Blessings:  This is something I started years ago.  The beginning focus was on finances, but it has branched out into other areas (health and home) over the years.  Below are some goals and challenges currently going on.  Right now, the 1st 5 steps of Balancing Our Blessings (finances) are available on a separate page, should you need a jump start on cleaning up your financial yard.
     1.  Gifts on the Sly (part of finances):  This is a challenge I set for myself back in November.  All 2012 birthday gifts are to be purchased "on the sly."  I removed the "birthday gift" category from my monthly spending plan, so this category is now funded by spare change and free gift cards.
*Similar area of interest:  Free (or nearly there).  These posts have ideas of inexpensive creative gift giving.
     2.  Finances (no nifty name at this point):  The overall goal in this area is to have a balanced spending plan, a fully funded emergency account, a balance only on the mortgage and money going into long term savings on a regular basis.  I made 2 challenges specifically to this birth year.
          a.  reduce my monthly expenses to 75% of my income
          b.  fund my home remodeling account with at least 50% of the current estimates to complete
Other areas:  Free (or nearly there).  These posts will have ideas of creative gift giving.
     3.  Health (no nifty name at this point):  The overall goal in this area is to feel better, eat healthier and be able to enjoy more of life.  There have been several health challenges in my family lately, so there will be posts about digestive health, heart health, wheat sensitivities, unhealthy additives, recipes and general well being and fitness.  I made 1 overall challenge specifically to this birth year - lose 16 pounds.
     4.  Home (Mindful Living):  The overall goal in this area is to simplify home and life in general.  Reducing waste and toxins in all areas and returning to a better way of life.

The new addition will be:  My 2cents of Wisdom.  You'll just have to watch for these and see what it's about.  

So, there is my recap in a nutshell.  This is mainly to help me track things in my crazy world, but is being shared at the request of a few.  Perhaps you will find something useful when you drop in.  If so, feel free to share with others and/or drop me a note to let me know!

29 April 2012

The problem with no plan

I had a plan for yesterday - had the day all mapped out - what was going to get done and when.  Then I woke with a headache.  It had a plan as well!  So, we compromised.  I would still get stuff accomplished today, but would shift what that "stuff" was.  Instead of going out to hand wash the car, I'd clean out the freezer, fridge and pantry.

Sounded fair enough.

I started in the freezer.  When I was done, only 12 things remained.  I tossed a bag of unidentifiable freezer burned items, as well as many partially used items with expiration dates more than 6 months old.  Now, I went into this "clean out" project expecting to find maybe one or two things that needed to be used up soon or tossed.  Um, this was an eye opener.

Back to a better plan to spend less and waste less!

25 April 2012

Challenge: 26 new recipes - 1/26 baked oatmeal breakfast muffins

Below is what I made last night.  I used 3/4 cup honey instead of the Stevia and lactose free milk.  I didn't top any of them (it was late and I tossed them all in the fridge/freezer).  I didn't fill the cups enough the first time around, so the first dozen muffins are a bit small.  The next dozen I filled about 3/4 full, which seemed to work just fine.  

Verdict - tasty (even with no toppings) and super easy!

Baked Oatmeal Muffins